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Troy Woytek

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Troy Woytek has been a campus minister at the CSC since August 2005 and currently coordinates the campus ministry effort for the CSC. Troy also serves as the Campus Minister for the WashU Medical Campus and St. Louis College of Pharmacy and coordinates the Grad Student/Young Adult ministry. He also served as an intern at the CSC in 2004/2005. He received his M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Aquinas Institute of Theology in St. Louis. Troy earned his B.A from the University of New Mexico in Anthropology/Archaeology and worked as a Classical Archaeologist before deciding to change directions and study theology in pursuit of making a career out of ministry. Troy loves working with college students in campus ministry and is excited about the endless potential and energy that college students bring to this world and our church. In his spare time Troy loves studying and reading and talking about theology, but he is also a sports fanatic and outdoor enthusiast. Troy got married to his beautiful wife Emma in 2007. Emma and Troy have three young children, Felicity, Michael, and Caleb (they are always looking for babysitters!). Most of all Troy loves hanging out with students so feel free to contact him anytime.