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 2015-16 Internships 

Why did you come here this morning?

(Father Gary Braun, 7-26-2015 Mass)

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    Freshmen Pre-O Program

    Incoming freshmen, we invite you to sign-up for Connect 4, the pre-orientation program led by Catholic Student Union!

    You'll build connections during this four-day experience that will last for the next four years of college.

    Connect 4 is an opportunity to bond in a retreat-like setting with other students who are also seeking that same purpose in life and depth in relationships. We will spend four days away at a gorgeous camp not far from St. Louis. Through a plethora of activities, talks, discussions, reflection, and games, we'll be taking a good and difficult look at the joys and the challenges that we each encounter both in striving to find purpose and in our pursuit of depth and love in friendships, romantic relationships, and communities of faith in college. And we'll tackle those obstacles and blind spots that keep us from really discovering the meaning, connection, and belonging that we all seek as human beings. With a little swimming, bonfire, and nature time thrown in there!

    Connect 4 is a multidisciplinary and interfaith approach to all relationships in our lives and is put on by, open to, and applicable for people of all backgrounds. You definitely don't have to be of the Catholic faith to enjoy this opportunity and to discover so much about yourself alongside great new friends in the Wash U community!

    If you're ready to be challenged and inspired by your peers to be your very best these next four years and beyond, sign up for Connect 4. Are you game?

    Sign-up on the First Year Center website or contact Catherine Aviles with questions.


    Find a time with Mark!


    Move-in weekend

    Freshmen, here's two opportunities to meet staff and students...

    Thursday 8/20 - 9am-4pm - Stop by our table on the South 40 near the clocktower during move-in day!

    Friday 8/21 - 3pm-5pm - CSC Open House (6352 Forsyth Blvd) - Get a tour of the place from students and learn all about why so many students call the CSC their "home away from home"!

    Move-in weekend Mass & BBQ

    On Sunday 8/23, along with 11am Mass, there is a 5:15pm Mass followed by a BBQ! Freshmen this fits perfectly into your orientation schedule!

    The regular schedule of 11am & 9pm Mass will begin on Sunday 8/30.

    Freshmen Welcome Night Dinner

    On Sunday 8/30 at 7pm, enjoy dinner before 9pm Mass and a great opportunity to hang out with other new students at the CSC. Meet new friends and learn the ins and outs of the wonderful community!

    Why Be Catholic?

    Sometimes, when people learn that you are Catholic (or in my case, that I work for the Church on top of it), they might be tempted to write you off as foolish and naive at best or even narrow-minded at worst. Issues and hypocrisies like those noted in the New York Times op-ed below might come to their minds.

    How could any intelligent individual participate in an organization like that? Not an entirely unreasonable question, to be fair. My response? In the words of Peter when Jesus asks if he too will leave Him, "To whom else shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." And I don’t mean eternal life as in whatever happens after death. I mean now. To where else would I go? Imperfect though it may be (it's made up of humans, after all!), the Church has given me the very tools with which I now challenge the Church to manifest its best self. And it is the wisdom, tradition, and community of the Church that time and time again has manifested the best in me throughout my life (almost in spite of me).

    I'm not much of a St. Augustine fan, but I can really get on board with him when he says "Let us honour (the Church), because she is the bride of so great a Lord. And what am I to say? Great and unheard of is the bridgroom's gracious generosity; he found her a whore, he made her a virgin. She mustn't deny that she was once a whore, or she may forget the kindness and mercy of her liberator."


    The Church has made an egregious number of mistakes throughout its history. And there are many things about the Church today that I lament. I dream of the fount of wisdom and guidance and healing that the Church can be for the world and I am committed to helping manifest that possibility.

    Because these days, in a world of infinite options and instant gratification, the temptation is always there to jump ship. To run off to the next thing. To think that there is something/one better out there. To think there is something/one perfect out there that will never disappoint me and will always make me happy. Well that stinkin' thinkin' will just hasten the disappointment.

    Jesus came and challenged the heck out of what people took for granted as Judaism. He was his own religion's harshest critic. But He was still a Jew. A good Jew. A practicing Jew. And He spent his adult life trying to help his faith tradition manifest its best self and re-discover the immense wisdom that is there and access to the divine that it could offer. Until it finally got Him killed.

    So...when we have issues with the Church (as in this New York Times op-ed, which does raise some fair points), I'd say we’re in pretty good company when we are willing to go down with the ship or give our lives to help steer that ship as best as we can help steer it, trusting that, at it its best, it's a darn good vehicle to navigate the stormy seas.


     Mark Zaegel's Blog 


     Frank's Opinion in the N.Y. Times 



    The Official Mission Statement and Creed of the Catholic Student Center

    Translated into several languages as spoken by our diverse and worldwide student community.

    • USA THE CATHOLIC STUDENT CENTER at Washington University is a house of Catholic formation and a community of hospitality to students of all faiths. The Catholic Student Center strives - through education, service, and a worshipping community that seeks to know and become Christ - to form students intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually according to the wisdom of the Catholic Church, so that they become active participants in parish life and moral and spiritual leaders in Church and society for the 21st century.

    • ESP EL CENTRO DE ESTUDIANTES CATÓLICOS en la Universidad de Washington es una casa de formación católica y una comunidad de hospitalidad para los estudiantes de todas las religiones. El Centro de Estudiantes Católicos se esfuerza - a través de la educación, el servicio, y la adoración de una comunidad que busca conocer y convertirse en Cristo - para formar a los estudiantes intelectualmente, moralmente, socialmente y espiritualmente, según la sabidurí­a de la Iglesia Católica, para que se conviertan en participantes activos en la vida parroquial y lí­deres morales y espirituales en la Iglesia y en la sociedad para el siglo 21.

    • CHN 华盛顿大学天主教学生中心是由天主教信仰凝聚起来的团体。我们热烈欢迎来自五湖四海,各种文化与信仰的同学和朋友。天主教学生中心是一个渴望通过教育,服务,和祈祷来了解和成为基督的团体。我们根据天主教教会的智慧,培养学生的智力,道德,社交的能力,使他们成为积极参与教区生活,成为教会和社会的道德精神领袖。

    • KOR 워싱턴 대학의 "카톨릭 학생 센터" 는 카톨릭 지역사회의 집과 모든 종교의 학생들을 위한 친절한 환대의 커뮤니티입니다. " 카톨릭 학생 센터"는 교육,서비스,그리고 신앙 커뮤니티를 통하여 그리스도를 알게하고, 그리스도 신자가 되게하는 방법을 찾는 것을 노력하고 있습니다. 카톨릭 교회의 지혜를 통해서, 학생들을 보다 지적인, 도덕적인, 사회적인, 정신적인 구성원으로 만들며, 그들을 적극적인 교구 참가자가 되게하고, 21세기 사회와 교회에 도적적이고, 영적인 지도자가 될수 있도록 합니다.

    • FRA LE CENTRE CATHOLIQUE POUR LES ÉTUDIANTS à Washington University in St. Louis est une maison de formation catholique ainsi qu'une communauté dédiée à l'hospitalité envers les étudiants de toute confession religieuse. En se concentrant sur l'éducation, le service et l'adoration collective de Dieu, le Centre se consacre à guider intellectuellement, moralement, socialement et spirituellement les étudiants, afin qu'ils deviennent des membres actifs de leurs paroisses et pour qu'ils s'engagent dans la domaine moral et spirituel de l'Église et de la société du XXIème siècle.

    • VA/LT COMMUNITAS SCHOLASTICA CATHOLICA Washingtonianae Universitatis est domus institutionis Catholicae et societas hospitalitatis discipulis fidium omnium. Quae Communitas Scholastica Catholica nititur - per educationem, ministerium, et cultus societatem quae tendit scire et factam esse Christum--instituere discipulos mente, moribus, societate, spiritu, ex sapientia Catholicae Ecclesiae ut actores in parochiae vita et duces morales et spirituales in Ecclesia et societate pro saeculo uno et vicesimo fiant.

    • Arabic/Lebanon تأسس المركز الكاثوليكي الطلاّبي في جامعة واشنطن بمبادرة كاثوليكية ليكون بيت استضافةٍ يلتقي فيه طلابٌ من كل المعتقدات. من خلال التعليم والخدمة والجماعة العابدة الطامحة إلى معرفة المسيح، يسعى المركز إلى بناء التلامذة فكرياً وأدبياً واجتماعياً بما يتماشى وحكمة الكنيسة الكاثوليكية، كيما يصبحون مشاركين نشيطين في حياة الأبرشية، وقادة روحيين وأدبيين في الكنيسة والمجتمع للقرن الحادي والعشرين القرن 21.

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