Catholic Student Union

Mission Statement

On CSU, we acknowledge that none of us have it all together.  We'd just like to grow into our very best selves, and we know we have a better chance if we do it with each other!  CSU is part of the great community at the CSC.  Membership is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, language proficiency and/or preference.

We provide different types of spiritual, social, and service opportunities ranging from casual hangouts at the Catholic Student Center to fun excursions off campus. Our events are aimed to help students explore and deepen their faith, build a community of love, and support the formation of lifelong friendships!

All are welcome at our events, members and non-members, Catholics and non-Catholics!

CSU Programs

The Catholic Student Union helps organize and run:

Welcome Team- a group of sophomore, junior, and senior CSC ambassadors who have committed to being a connection to the CSC for other students, especially freshmen. These students walk to Mass from the 40 with anyone who wants to join, flyer dorms, and most importantly, get to know other students! If you’re interested in being part of Welcome Team, email Jay at

Interested in being part of CSU?

Email Jay at and he would be more happy to assist you : )

Annual Events:

Fish Fry

Rootbeer Kegger

Drexel Dialougues 

Gratia Plena

Dollar Dinner

Freshmen Escape





Kane Koubsky

Service and Social Justice Chair

Audrey Ulfers

Spiritual Chair

Maria Rivero

Interfaith Chair

Maria Schmeer 

Publicity Chair

Carter Rholl


Ford Young

Outreach Chairs

Gracie Mersmann

Outreach Chairs

Julia Praeger