Kent Intern-In-Service Program

The Intern-in-Service program at the Catholic Student Center at Washington University is a volunteer campus ministry initiative geared towards recent college graduates who seek not only to grow personally and spiritually, but also to form students intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually.  Interns have gone into a wide range of fields after serving for a year or two at the CSC including: Medicine, Law, Business, Education, Ministry, Religious life and Priesthood, Non-profit, Social Work, Engineering, Architecture, Physical Therapy, and more.

Help with programming, Masses, and various responsibilities at the CSC

Welcome all students and empower student leaders

Provide a hospitable presence--both on campus and at the CSC

Help students connect life and faith in tangible ways

Participate in spiritual direction, formation with our pastoral team, and one-on-one supervision

Discern the next step in your life journey

Live in community with other interns

Learn how to become active participants in parish life and moral leaders in your career

 Internship Focus #1.  Service & Social Justice Intern

This position focuses on the mission aspect of our faith. This position will coordinate service opportunities locally and help coordinate a service trip. It also involves educating the students about Catholic Social Teaching and key social justice issues that are relevant to the campus, St. Louis, and the world.

Specific Major Responsibilities

  • Spring Break Service Trip – Coordinating a service trip to a U.S. destination that will give students the chance to put their faith into action through education, immersion in a community, & direct service.
  • SLR (Serve, Learn, Reflect) – Provide and lead two volunteer service opportunities per month locally in St. Louis for students while providing reflections about those experiences that are rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.


Internship Focus #2.  Evangelization & Education

This position is focused on faith formation. The intern will help coordinate programs that increase our student’s faith IQ and help form them into a mature adult spirituality through programs such as Bible Study, RCIA, & Small Faith Sharing groups. This person would be expected to articulate their faith and the faith of the Catholic Church in ways that speak to students at one of the top ranked universities in the nation.

Specific Major Responsibilities

  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) – Providing assistance to the RCIA Director on a weekly basis through organizational work, catechetical work, and community building.
  • Small Faith Sharing Groups – Coordinating and supervising student leaders for the CSC’s small faith sharing groups.


Internship Focus #3.  Outreach

This position is focused on building community and relationships. This person helps build community for our students at the CSC and on campus through programs and faith-filled relationships. This person would be expected to be comfortable initiating with new students in a variety of contexts.

Specific Major Responsibilities

  • Dorm Outreach Coordinator – Organizing effort among interns and staff for visiting students on a consistent basis in the dormitories.
  • Freshmen Outreach – Coordinating weekly meals on campus with students and monthly freshmen dinner at community member’s house.

Internship Focus #4.  Administration & Communications

This position is focused on event planning and publicity to the students about CSC events. This person provides support for many of the programs at the CSC and is expected to be proficient with both social media and communicating messages to the students.

Specific Major Responsibilities:

  • Publicity – Social Media, fliers, campus ads, emails, website updates.
  • Event Planning – Recruiting and coordinating volunteers, logistics, and support for executing events & programs. 

4 aspects of internship


- Formation -
Our goal is to create self-aware and professional leaders who are ready to live the gospel through monthly group formation meetings, one-on-ones with a staff supervisor, spiritual direction, and designated time each week for spiritual and personal growth.

- Service - 
To give of oneself is the definition of this InternshipInterns give their time and energy to serve the students at Washington University and provide an example for the students of what it means to be a Christian servant leader.

- Community -
The internship provides an intentional living community not only through housing, but also with an emphasis on prayer, bonding, and program planning.

 - Leadership - 
Interns are the role-models to the students they serve. Professional formation throughout the year will cultivate strength and awareness to areas in need of development.  Ongoing training and a team environment is crucial to the transition into professional careers.

Intern Testimonial

I graduated from Villanova in May of 2017 not fully knowing where I wanted my life to go next. The Kent Intern-in-Service program quite literally fell into my lap, as former Intern Ducan Fischley handed me an application and urged me to apply. Despite some initial hesitance, I now know that the CSC was where I was meant to be. I am so thankful for this past year allowing me to grow in my faith and help others grow in theirs. Living in community was so rewarding, and I will leave the CSC knowing that I will always have a home to return to in St. Louis. I will be attending Law School at the University of Southern California this upcoming Fall, and I cannot wait to see where God leads me next" - Madeleine Messinger, 2017-18 Intern

Have more questions? 

Email our Director of Ministry, Troy Woytek, at or call at 314-935-9191 ext. 222