The Catholic Student Center offers a diverse selection of ways for you to grow in your faith. Click on the items below to learn more about each program that we offer.


Join us for praise and worship and quiet in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament every Wednesday at 8PM in the CSC Chapel!

Ask a Campus Minister

Twice a month stump Fr. Gary or one of our Campus Ministers on campus at our “Ask a Campus Minister” table in either the DUC or Bear’s Den.

Becoming Catholic

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is preparation for initiation and Confirmation in the Catholic Faith. For anyone interested in joining the Catholic Faith, being Confirmed in the Catholic Faith, or Sponsoring someone who is going through RCIA. Contact dryden@wustl.edu for more information.

Faith Sharing Groups

Join one of our many Faith Sharing Groups to deepen your relationship with God, form friendships, and increase your knowledge of faith.

CSC Studies in Catholicism

Learn more about faith, life, and love through the CSC’s 6-week Catholicism Courses each semester, our Summer Godweiser Speaker Series, and Newman Lectures during the school year.

Music Ministry

Join the CSC choir as a singer or musician for our Sunday Masses and other special liturgical celebrations. Contact schoen@washucsc.org with any questions.


The CSC hosts a variety of retreats every year to help deepen the faith of our students and young adults including our annual Awakening Retreat and GSYA Deepening Retreat.


Mass times, confession, holy days, Mass & Soup, baptisms, & weddings.

Spiritual Direction

Grow your relationship with God through meeting with a spiritual guide during your time in college or grad school. Contact Troy Woytek at woytek@washucsc.org for more information.

Young Catholic Scholars

The Young Catholic Scholars Program is an 8 month program which encourages a deeper appreciation, understanding and dialogue on the intersection of a student's faith with their area of study. The program offers a student resources and guidance to embark on a personal investigation…