CSC Studies in Catholicism

CSC Studies in Catholicism

Does your spiritual IQ match your academic IQ? Is your faith operating on knowledge from high school or 8th grade confirmation classes?

The CSC offers a 6-week course once a semester to help boost your spiritual IQ and grow your faith knowledge. The Catholic faith is one that demands our mind, body, and soul be engaged. It is our hope that these classes can help form intellectual Catholics on campus and in the world.

We have 4 objectives with our CSC Studies in Catholicism

  • Increase your knowledge of the Catholic/Christian Faith
  • Challenge you to develop a mature adult understanding of faith practices
  • Help you to articulate your faith to others on a secular campus and in an ever-increasing secular world
  • Integrate your intellectual and spiritual self

The CSC offers a variety of courses that rotate over a 2-3 year cycle. Courses meet for 1 hour 15 minutes each week. Day & time is determined each semester based on availability and student interest. Courses are offered for free and currently do not offer college credits. Courses do not assign homework but do include reading assignments that are limited to 30-45 minutes weekly. Attendance, participation, and preparation is expected for those who participate in each course.

Course Listing to date

  • Defending the Faith: Tenets of the Catholic Faith - Fall 2015
  • Transubstanti-WHAT?!? The Meaning of Eucharist - Spring 2015

Have an idea for a course? Contact Troy Woytek at

Summer Godweiser Talk Series

Every summer, we bring in some wonderfully engaging speakers to sit with us on the patio and lead a discussion for the students. Topics range from relationships to social justice topics to prayer and past talk topics can be seen below! They’re wonderful summer evenings filled with community and intellectual stimulation. Beer is provided for students over 21 (hence Godweiser name). Make it part of your summer experience!

A few past talk topics:

  • Discernment Listening to God: A Daily Guide with Sr. Virginia Herbers, Megan Mueller, and Troy Woytek (2015)
  • A Discussion on Race and Where to go from Here with Danielle and Tim Harrison (2015) Your Seduction Profile with Fr. Gary (2014)

Lectures and Conferences

Opportunities to attend different Catholic youth conferences, workshops, and speakers through the St. Louis Archdiocese pop up throughout the year. The CSC will pay for any student interested in attending one of these events! If you are interested in hearing about these opportunities, email Troy at!