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Spontaneous Mercy

If you had walked by the crippled man depicted in the story in the Gospel of John (Jn 5:1-14) would you have noticed him? Would you have been merciful to him and helped him out as Jesus did? Do you notice the crippled pe ...

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Is slurping milk forgivable?

What's the difference between times when someone else's mannerisms get under our skin and the times when we barely notice them? Relationships are chock-full of grievances and annoyances because we are constantly encounte ...

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At Your Mercy

We are blessed to work on a campus with students who are unbelievably driven and they will achieve many things in this world. As some of the brightest and most talented college students in the country their achievements ...

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Lord Have Mercy!

The CSC is launching its blog this Lent. Once a week you can expect a post from a CSC staff member either in video or a written entry. This Lent Troy will be posting a weekly video to help enrich your Lenten Journey. ...

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