Our 9PM Mass is changing to 4:30PM!


1. Why is the CSC changing its Mass time from 9pm to 4:30pm?

After 4 years of discerning feedback from students, observing trends in the culture both in general and specifically at WashU, assessing needs of students, consulting peer institution Newman Centers around the country, we see this as an opportunity to create a new program around Mass and an opportunity to build community through both Mass and a shared meal. 

2. Will the 4:30pm Mass still be a student Mass?

Yes, we will refer to it as the student Mass just like we did the 9pm Mass and the liturgical ministers will primarily be students as well and the dinner will be for students primarily. 

3. What conflicts with 9PM Mass lead to this decision? 

To name a few - the choice between finishing up school work or going to Mass late Sunday evening, students valuing sleep more and not wanting to stay up as late Sunday evening, early Monday morning practice for athletes, some Greek Life chapter meetings, too late for most graduate students, dark and cold most of school year which makes it more difficult to walk to Mass

4.What about my conflicts with Sunday commitments such as PLTL's, Greek Chapter meetings, etc?

We are aware that there is no single time on Sunday evenings that is without conflicts in the student schedule, just as there are conflicts with 9pm currently. We picked an earlier time that had fewer conflicts while still being able pair it with a dinner option afterwards. As always, the 11am Mass is an option. We also encourage students who are signing up for PLTL's to pick a group that meets either on Saturday, earlier on Sunday, or after 6pm on Sundays given that is weekly commitment as well. 

5. What is the vision of this new Mass time?

To create a greater sense of community flowing out of Mass into a shared meal that enables more substantial relationships and greater opportunities for students to find their place in our community.

6. How have students been consulted?

Several ways. Starting 4 years ago with the CSC's "Assessment Self-Study semester" when 7 focus groups made up of a combined 55 students who met 4 different times in spring 2016 gave initial feedback about the possibility of changing the Mass time. Three additional surveys given to students (2 online, 1 in person at a Sunday Mass) have specifically solicited feedback about a changing the 9pm Mass time and creating a new program around Mass. Student leaders over the past 4 years have been consulted on individual basis as well. The current CSU Board and other student leaders in the CSC community have been consulted about the process of rolling out the Mass change as well. 

7. Who benefits from this change?

The students. That is always the primary factor for any decision made by the CSC staff. CSC staff is willing to sacrifice the extra time and effort and even personal conflicts that an early Sunday evening Mass with a large community dinner will create for the greater good of the students and the mission of the CSC. 

8. Can I come to dinner if I can’t come to mass?