Catholic Leadership Development Capstone Presentations

In a usual year, we hold a closing banquet to celebrate the hard work of our CLD participants and offer gratitude to all those that contributed to their learning, particularly guest presenters, mentors, and CLD advisors. At this event, we hear from each CLD participant about their Capstone Project and their CLD learning. 

This is not a usual year. Centering the safety of our community during the coronovirus pandemic, we are moving our celebration presentations here.

Our mission is to ignite values-based leadership in order to help CLD participants exercise an intentional approach to leadership in every aspect of life. 

We invite you to get to know our talented 2019-20 CLD cohort

2019-20 Catholic Leadership Development Cohort

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We asked our Cohorts which value of Catholic Leadership Development meant the most to them.  We wanted to share with you their responses.

The CLD value of discernment as a repetitive reflection most resonates with me. For me, ongoing discernment both grounds me and pushes me to grow. I continuously discern when to look back to my past, how to fully embrace my present, and who I want to become in my future.

Summer McKenna

 The CLD value that resonates with me the most is forwarding the common good. Opportunities are not always equal and equitable for everybody. There are many exclusive systems in our societies. I strive for making all spaces inclusive, diverse, and, if possible, equitable for all.

David Balmaceda

Service resonates most deeply with me. Service was raised to be apart of me. I am fortunate enough to be in the position I’m in, so I have a duty to give back to the world.

Chibueze Agwu

I believe that service is one of the most important values. It encourages us to use our talents to work for the good of others in our community. Serving others brings us closer to Christ. To quote Les Miserables: “To love another person is to see the face of God.”

Amanda Arbuckle

The CLD value of authenticity resonates with me the most because it empowers us to share an unedited version of ourselves with others, and emphasizes the journey of self-discovery and love.

Elise Bradshaw

Discernment- The last few years I have been discerning the next steps in my career. It ultimately led me to the Catholic Student Center. I am now discerning the next step as CLD and the internship draws to a close.

Eric Starrs

Authenticity & Integrity are values that I have tried to live by most of my life.

Jessy Martinez

I resonate the most with the CLD value of integrity, because commitment to honesty and morality is so important in both personal and professional spheres.

Siobhan O'Carroll

As a graduating senior, the value that has most resonated with me this year is discernment. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to think about not just what I want to do, but also why and how I want to do it.

Mary Grace Gorman

Authenticity & Integrity. By practicing these values we can build strong and supportive relationships and communities.

Tomek Cebrat
The Catholic Leadership Development Program  is a value-based leadership model which emphasizes forwarding the common good through cultivation and practice of courage, authenticity & integrity, service, and discernment. The program includes seminars and discussion of a broad range of topics in a cohort setting and well as practical application of learning via a self-designed project in the community. Participants receive mentoring by a community leader throughout the program. 

CLD is truly a community effort, with many regional leaders lending their time & talent to further the development of each participant. We offer special thanks to all those who contributed to this cohort’s learning!

2019-20 CLD Facilitators
Sr. Mary Alice Collar, CSJ - Spiritual Development & CLD Co-Director
Don Eggleston  - Discernment & Decisionmaking
Cathy Hart  - Conflict Resolution
Mary Houlihan - Facts vs. Story, Victim vs. Player
Michael Houlihan- Courage & Resilience
Marie Kenyon
 - The Common Good
Michelle Miller
 - Building Effective Teams & CLD Co-Director
Tom Phillips
 - Values-Based Leadership
Kristen Wellinghoff
 - Servant Leadership
Brian Wellinghoff
 - Individual Purpose & Call
Carolyn Wright
 - Integrity & Theological Reflection



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