Gratia Plena

“Gratia Plena helped me to become more connected to other Catholic women my age at WashU, many of whom have become my closest friends. I love that it’s such a supportive community that both accepts me as I am and pushes me to grow both personally and spiritually.”

-Mary Grace Gorman

Gratia Plena is a community of undergrad women of faith who seek radical self-growth and holistic wellness, by building healthy and holy lives. GP is a unique space on campus for women to find accountability in their personal growth, to build a sisterhood, and to live out their faith in a holistic way.

Gratia Plena is open to all undergrad women at WashU who are interested in pursuing their faith, growth, and friendship. GP meets once a week, discussing various topics related to faith and femininity.

Interested? Reach out to our student leaders, Clarissa Gaona Romero, Katie O’Quinn, and Christine Nguyen at to learn more.