Immersion Experiences




These experiences are a chance for CSC students to get out of their comfort zones so that they can grow in their faith, learn about the world, and have experiences of encounter that build authentic relationships. 

These are not merely service trips, although you might provide some service to the organization we visit.  In truth, they are opportunities to grow in solidarity with marginalized people by learning their lives and walking humbly with them in love.

It is what we strive to embody towards one another on the team before, during, and after our experience.

It is what we strive to share with the people that we have the opportunity to meet.

It is the primary mission of these programs to help all participants grow into more loving, Christ-centered servants in this world.  Because of this, we understand them to be more than just trips; they are opportunities for spiritual formation and growth.

Our hope is that you are transformed by your experience and seek to live in a more just way throughout your life.

Domestic Spring Break Immersion Experience

One need not leave the United States to confront injustice and serve those on the margins.  

Each Spring Break, we offer immersion experiences that challenge participants to stretch their comfort zones and be changed by their experiences.


 Past Trips

  • 2022 - Puerto Rico - Dominican Mission
  • 2020 KY - Emmaus Farm (Vanceberg, KY), Jerusalem Farm (Kansas City), Su Casa Catholic Worker (Chicago)
  • 2017 KY - Emmaus Farm
  • 2016 Milwaukee, WI - Casa Romero Renewal Center Urban Plunge
  • 2015 Milwaukee, WI - Casa Romero Renewal Center Urban Plunge
  • 2014 Johnson City, TN - Appalachia Service Project
  • 2013 Cincinnati, OH - Urban Plunge
  • 2012 Harlem, TN - Appalachia Trip

El Salvador “Agape” Immersion Experience

For 2022, the tentative dates are Dec 31st, 2022 - January 14th, 2023

Where do we go and what do we do?

First, we work with an organization – Salvadoran Mission Projects – helping with their Bible School for children.  We spend several days in the community of Ahuachapan in northern El Salvador, living in the retreat center, meeting people, helping kids, giving them positive attention, and demonstrating faith by our love in action.

We then partner with a second organization – CEBES FUNDAHMER – going to a community – Monsenor Oscar Romero – with which we  have just recently began an ongoing sister relationship.  We spend 1 or 2 nights there staying with host families, living in solidarity, sharing in their lives, learning their stories, offering or time, our love, our presence, and a listening ear.

Finally, we immerse ourselves in the realities of El Salvador, both past and present. El Salvador is still fresh on the heels of a very violent civil war from 1979-1992.  We visit important sites, hear people's stories who lived during the war, and learn about the Church's history in El Salvador.

We will spend time visiting important places in the life and death of St. Oscar Romero.  We will where he lived and the church where he was murdered and his tomb.  You will experience the powerful impact of his courageous life and how his witness to the Gospel continues to impact those who knew him.  We visit others sites of martyrdom. We experience how the Church today attempts to serve the needs of the people

We visit the city of Ahuachupan, the capital San Salvador, and several places in the Morazan Department.

Do you have to know Spanish?

No.  We will always have a translator with us, but we encourage everyone to learn as much Spanish as possible.  People are very generous if you try your best!


The cost of the trip will be around $2000.00 total. 

Participants will be responsible for 1/3 of the cost.  Teams will be required to fundraise 1/3.  The CSC will cover the final 1/3.




Students come on immersion experiences for a variety of reasons:  some as a way to live out their faith, some need service hours, some are looking for a community, some love service.  And while all these reasons are good, we want to help all of us remember that, ultimately, we go because we are called.


We are created to form and sustain communities.  Communities are not only groups of people living in close proximity, but people of similar values and goals committed to the common good.  Our common bond in our Catholic tradition, along with our desire to serve, is a valuable aspect of our week.


By praying together, we grow closer to God through each other.  We learn to rely on one another and to trust.  We pray to see where God has been active in our lives that day and how we can better respond to God's invitation to love and grace.


We go with the smallest pack possible.  Our material possession can be barriers to building relationships.  We have been called to be stewards of our own possessions and that of the world.  During the week, we hope that we will be more open to others, that we will learn to compromise our time and money, and that we will learn how to live simply so others can simply live.


Social justice is the challenge that urges people of faith to confront suffering in the light of the Gospel values.  It is about those systems and patterns that describe how we do things.  In many ways, justice is more difficult because justice confronts the powers that be in ways that charity does not. The Church has a whole body of work called Catholic Social Teaching, which helps us to act in faith to those who suffer from injustice, poverty, and oppression.


Through this experience, you might begin to see things a bit different than you had in the past.  We certainly hope so.  This experience should only be the beginning. That is, by your experience, you no longer can look at the world the same or the way you live it.

Student Testimonial

"Our trip provided me with insight into communal living with the tenets of service and community presented in a way that most people never get to experience. The atmosphere around both the workers and families there was always warm and welcoming, and, although we were guests for a short period, I felt I had a place there immediately. A trip of service isn’t what one would typically think of when figuring Spring Break plans, but I would recommend it a hundred times over!"

Alayna Mickles