League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Undergrad brotherhood

Young Adults

We are LEAGUE in that we are brothers, united to a common good and committed to fellowship through the strengthening of each man who stands amongst us. We will be transformed through our brotherhood.

We are EXTRAORDINARY in that we champion justice and search for truth. Members of the League take responsibility for the good of others—we will serve others and the common good in our work for justice. We will also search for truth with one another by sharing our deepest-held beliefs.

We are GENTLEMEN in that we proclaim authentic masculinity and reclaim the hearts of men: we choose to act as true men of character, peace and honor.

We are governed by 3 C's

  • Confidentiality is essential to building trust so that everyone knows that this group is a safe place where they can talk about personal experiences.
  • Commitment: LXG is unique in that it offers men the chance at sustaining a level of brotherhood over multiple years.
  • Communication: We ask men to communicate as honestly and openly as they comfortably can through one hour small group meetings once a month with other guys and two adult male mentors.


Interested? Contact Sean at orourke@washucsc.org  for more information.