Awakening Retreat

Awakening is led by a group of former Awakeners. A diverse group of people go on Awakening — students with various majors, recent grads, and people at all levels of faith. During the retreat there are inspiring talks given by students, chances to share with others in small groups, time for prayer, reflection, recreation, and Eucharist. Some of your present ideas about God and the Church may be challenged, and you may end up feeling loved by and closer to a few more people by the end. Invite your friends — and come make new friends. Take a chance on yourself.

You are worth it!

What can you expect from the Awakening retreat?


Slide of 2019 Awakening




Deepening Retreat

A retreat for grad students and young professionals that explores how God's mercy and our own can enter into the brokenness and disappointments of our lives and of the world. How God makes us His own through Mercy and how we offer our lives to God's love as Mercifully Yours.

About the Deepening Retreat

During the Spring Semester of 2003, the first Graduate Student/Young Adult Retreat was created. Since then there has been a GSYA retreat every year and the name of the retreat is Deepening. This retreat is aimed at the issues facing graduate students and young adults who have transitioned from undergraduate studies to grad school or the working world and are now exploring such faith issues as discerning careers and direction in life, relationships, solitude, prayer, community, and more. Retreatants have the opportunity to listen to and talk with community members and other retreatants who have struggled or are struggling with similar issues. Typically about 50 graduate students and young adults attend this retreat every spring. The retreat is usually in February or March and is a full weekend, Friday evening to Sunday morning. Every year a new group of people attend this retreat with exception to the retreat team who helps organize the retreat. If you are interested in attending keep an eye out for registration each early spring.

Deepening Retreat This Year

Join us for a Friday evening at the CSC that begins with a simple happy hour that will move into a talk on "how to become a person of Mercy." Then Saturday we will spend the day away at a retreat center exploring Mercy in relationships and Living mercifully in the world as a young adult, leader, and person of faith. Saturday will be enriched by prayer that is led by two Brothers from Taize, France, who will lead a beautiful Taize prayer service. Truly a Lenten gift to yourself of prayer, contemplation, and community. We invite you to journey with us . . .  dates coming soon!

Week of Grace + Prayer: A Retreat in Everyday Life 

About A Week of Grace + Prayer

This retreat is meant for everyday life-pray on your own at least 30 minutes each day and meet privately with a spiritual companion 30 minutes each day Monday through Friday. It's a retreat personalized to what YOU are hoping for-your spiritual companion will offer suggestions accordingly. Many retreatants explore new ways of praying, and for some, it is a first experience of spiritual direction. Any adult is welcome regardless of affiliation or denomination.   Dates coming soon!