Small Groups

One of the best ways to meet other people and to grow in your faith is to join one of our small groups.  We offer a vareity of ways to connect with others.



The many  options for both students and young professionals to grow in their faith. They typically meet once a week for an hour .

Join a Bible study and enhance your prayer life, your spiritual life, and your personal life!


Core Communities are small, student-led, faith-sharing groups that meet for one hour each week. These groups offer an opportunity to reflect on Scripture and to explore how faith plays a part in one’s own life, while fostering deeper relationships with fellow students.

We also offer Core Communities that focus on Catholic Social Teaching and specific justice issues.

If you are interested in joining a Core Community, please contact Michael (


Gratia Plena is a community of undergrad women of faith who seek radical self-growth and holistic wellness, by building healthy and holy lives. GP is a unique space on campus for women to find accountability in their personal growth, to build a sisterhood, and to live out their faith in a holistic way.

Gratia Plena is open to all undergrad women at WashU who are interested in pursuing their faith, growth, and friendship. GP meets once a week, discussing various topics related to faith and femininity.


We are LEAGUE in that we are brothers, united to a common good and committed to fellowship through the strengthening of each man who stands amongst us. We will be transformed through our brotherhood.

We are EXTRAORDINARY in that we champion justice and search for truth. Members of the League take responsibility for the good of others—we will serve others and the common good in our work for justice. We will also search for truth with one another by sharing our deepest-held beliefs.

We are GENTLEMEN in that we proclaim authentic masculinity and reclaim the hearts of men: we choose to act as true men of character, peace and honor.