Welcome to CSC Friends!  We are adults and non-students focusing on involvement and contribution at the Catholic Student Center.  We nurture a greater sense of belonging to improve our personal relationship with our Lord.

Partnering with CSC Advancement, we offer four unique programs focusing on Spiritual, Social, Enrichment, and Service.  Which opportunity, or opportunities, would you find most gratifying utilizing your time, talent, and treasure?  There are no dues and no obligations.  Opportunities change daily and are announced via this website and personal e-mails.  For more information, please contact the appropriate group leader below.  You are welcome!





















Many of us feel blessed that we have the opportunity to belong to such a unique, spiritual home.  There is a sense here that the Mass is alive, the community is alive.  At the beginning of each Mass, Father Gary asks a "Gospel Questions" which leads into the homily.  Today we ask, "What made you come back to the Catholic Student Center the second time?"  Your answer may be unique, it may not be.  At the CSC, all are welcome!  May we welcome you to one or more of our programs:

Spiritual Program

Opportunities allow members to study and apply scripture and other readings to our lives.  Please contact one of the co-chairs for more information: Mary Fitzgibbons-Clarkson (maryfitzgibbons@yahoo.com) or Linda Domeyer (ldomeyer@gmail.com)

Social Program

Become involved in social planning for current events like Friday night socials. We are planning other potential events like a BBQ after Mass and a Night Out for young members with children.  Please contact one of the co-chairs for more information: Tom & Kathy Sommers (tsommers1@hotmail.com & kathysommers@hotmail.com); or Dan & Peggy West (dwest@monetagroup.com & dpjpwest@aol.com)

Enrichment Program

Take part in our new Speaker Series!  We plan and host 3-4 talks per year. Please contact one of the co-chairs for more information: Jerry Daniels (jrrydaniels@yahoo.com), Mary Fitzgibbons-Clarkson (maryfitzgibbons@yahoo.com), or Susan Conrad (susan.eicon@gmail.com).


Service Program

Focus on bringing members together to participate in service opportunities within the St. Louis community at large.  Please contact one of the co-chairs for more information: Jane and Jim Epstein (jaepste@gmail.com and epsteinjames2@gmail.com) or Joe and Janet Ciapciak (jciapciak@paceproperties.com and jciapciak@sbcglobal.net).