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  • Going to the 9pm Sunday Mass leaves me with enough warmth and good will to last an entire week of classes!  Because of the Sunday Mass, and the peers and role models I met at the CSC, in one year I thought more actively about living my faith than I had the entire rest of my life.

    Marina Mai
    Marina Mai, Class of '16
  • The CSC became a second home for me, even before I started freshman year.  I know that I can always go there for a friendly face, someone to talk to, and more hugs than I could ever want.

    Tori Cooke
    Tori Cooke, class of '16
  • I never expected to be a part of the CSC when I first arrived at Wash U, but the CSC became my favorite community on campus.  It's a place where I feel at peace and at home.

    Max Cormier
    Max Cormier, Class of '17
  • Once I stepped into the CSC, I knew it was a place where people would love and accept me for who I am.  I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon a place where everyone is so genuinely happy to see you.

    Jon Vachon
    Jon Vachon, class of '16
  • The CSC has been my happy place at college.  Whenever I was stressed, homesick, or in need of a hug, I knew that I could always walk over to the CSC and get all the love that I needed.  It's definitely my favorite place on campus, and I don't know what my world at Wash U would look like without it.

    Maria Ahern
    Maria Ahern, class of '17