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  • The CSC has been, for me, a place to experience deeper relationships and more substantial conversations. I’ve joined an amazing community here that has become a family from which I can expect challenge and support as well as constant playful teasing.

    Seth Akakpo-Lado
    Seth Akakpo-Lado, Class of '19
  • Going to the 9pm Sunday Mass leaves me with enough warmth and good will to last an entire week of classes!  Because of the Sunday Mass, and the peers and role models I met at the CSC, in one year I thought more actively about living my faith than I had the entire rest of my life.

    Marina Mai
    Marina Mai, Class of '16
  • The CSC has been my happy place at college.  Whenever I was stressed, homesick, or in need of a hug, I knew that I could always walk over to the CSC and get all the love that I needed.  It's definitely my favorite place on campus, and I don't know what my world at Wash U would look like without it.

    Maria Ahern
    Maria Ahern, Class of '17
  • The CSC has been a home away from home for me. I feel so incredibly loved and supported while I am here. Whether it is studying between classes, Sunday mass, service trips, or socializing, the CSC has always been able to present me new opportunities to grow in faith and life.

    Kyle Nicholson
    Kyle Nicholson, Class of '20
  • Finding this community was so important to me because, as a result, I now have some of the closest friendships that I have ever had and am surrounded by people I know will support me through almost anything.

    Alexis Pinzon
    Alexis Pinzon, Class of '20